The scenery of the Unconscious
 Ink on canvas
100 x 100 cm



Dream walking 夢遊


     Dreams combine, delete and transform the many experiences we encounter in the real world to show a unique landscape that can hardly be explained logically in the conscious world. My work was visualized by applying the same processes and principles that were used in the creation of dreams. I filled the canvas with all the different stories I experienced in my dreams which were painted and erased repeatedly to deepen, overlap and entwine the time, incidents and narratives which unexpectedly enhanced the time and space shown on the canvas. Drawing the world of the subconscious that cannot be understood by the logic of reality is a very trivial, personal and selfconfessing work. However, to bring out and face the memories that were embedded in the deep subconscious and to visually reinterpret it into human images is to not only experience the possibility of self-purification and healing, but also to reflect the viewer's own subconscious and inner world.





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