Unable to harmonize
  Colour on korean paper,Glass beads
 162 X 130.3 cm / 2011




Unable to harmonize


     On a rainy day, incomplete sensitivity overwhelmed me. I did not do anything all day long. I just opened my window, laid down on my bed and looked out and listened to the falling rain until the rain stopped. Around the time when just over a year had passed since I left Korea, I found myself experiencing things that I had not felt before, facing many events at the same time in a new environment, and my incompleteness that made me realize that I was still immature. I continued talking with people and built relationships with them under the names of friend and neighbour, but they could not fill the void of my loneliness and I was a stranger in a foreign land. My identity that I could not harmonize in society and the loneliness from it, and incompleteness from the fact that I could not settle down along with the reality that I would have to leave someday were vented as homesickness.

     Raindrops gather and form rainwater that is equivalent to society for human beings. To me, the properties of such individual raindrops resemble relationships between people. Although incomplete raindrops fall without knowing their destinations, they establish relationships with one another and they disappear with waves when they land on the ground. However, raindrops that do not harmonize with each other remain as ripples and as such, ripples represent the size of loneliness and pain that individuals have.

     Falling raindrops are anthropomorphized as human figures and reinterpreted as vague shapes having incomplete and risky properties. I was inspired from my experiences in life and the falling rain, but I wanted to give the feeling of a vague but lively fantasy world instead of showing the shape of a real world. I pasted glass dust above the shape of anthropomorphized raindrops. This is to liken the nature of glass that looks hard but reacts sensitively to little shocks and can be very weak depending on the situation, like human beings.




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